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Pastor Benjamin Foss

Young Adults Pastor

     Benjamin Foss, the first natural-born son of Pastor Steve and Carrie Foss, grew up in the world of ministry, knowing from a very young age he to was called to give his life to full-time ministry. While growing up, Benjamin traveled with his father across the nation and the world, helping minister and serve in many ways. During these trips, he learned much about ministry and the Word of God. At the age of 14, Benjamin began to teach himself to play piano. He quickly grew in skill and from the start began using his gift to worship God.


    Benjamin came on staff and has been heavily involved in nearly every aspect of the Upper Room Church since its launch in April of 2009. He has worked primarily behind the scenes in media and smaller administrative tasks, as well as ministering on the drums, faithfully serving the work of God at the Upper Room.


    In April of 2011, Pastor Steve licensed Benjamin as a minister of the Gospel. Now he is heavily involved in the evangelism and young adults ministries of the Upper Room, helping lead and continuing to serve the work of God. He has a burden for young adults, to see them raised up in the work and call of God on their lives. Always a worshipper at heart, Benjamin also has a passion for the worship ministry, writing and creating music, and raising up worship teams and leaders to minister before the throne of God.

Every Wednesday at 7PM!!


Reaching, discipling, commissioning. This is the at the very core of the Upper Room Church, and is the vision of the Young Lions College and Career ministry. Every Wednesday, we meet at the church to have radical encounters with God, get equipped with revelation and raised up into the call of God on our lives. Whatever your background, culture, call and destiny may be, you will find Young Lions a great place to connect with on-fire believers and grow in your walk with Christ.


It is our desire to be something more than just another service, we want you to have an encounter. "We don't need another good message, we don't need another social or nice meeting, we don't need another goose bump on top of our goose bump. This generation needs a radical, face-to-face encounter with the living God. If they see Him they will be like Him." - Benjamin Foss, leader of Young Lions.


During the Young Lions services, we will also be giving you powerful, practical tools to equip you to be who God has called you to be. It is our desire to see your gifts activated and release you to build the Kingdom of God. We are out to raise up an army of world changers and nation shakers!!

Connect With Our Young Adult Family!!

Young Lions Sermon Archives

August 2012

Hope of Glory Part 2

Pastor Benjamin Foss  8-29-12



Hope of Glory

Pastor Benjamin Foss  8-22-12



Preparing the Bride

Pastor Benjamin Foss  8-8-12



Holy Witneses

Pastor Benjamin Foss  8-1-12


May 2012

Stepping Into Your Destiny Part 1

Pastor Benjamin Foss  5-23-12



Four Banners - Praise

Pastor Benjamin Foss  5-16-12



Four Banners - Prayer

Pastor Benjamin Foss  5-9-12

No Audio Available


Four Banners - Power

Pastor Benjamin Foss  5-2-12


February 2012

Battle of the Mind Part 1

Pastor Benjamin Foss  2-29-12



True Disciples of Jesus

Pastor Benjamin Foss  2-15-12



Endurance Part 2

Pastor Benjamin Foss  2-15-12



Endurance Part 1

Pastor Benjamin Foss  2-8-12



Catching His Gaze

Pastor James Foss  2-1-12


July 2012

Heavenly Vision

Pastor Benjamin Foss  7-18-12


June 2012

Stepping Into Your Destiny Part 4

Pastor Benjamin Foss  6-20-12



Stepping Into Your Destiny Part 3

Pastor Benjamin Foss  6-13-12



Stepping Into Your Destiny Part 2

Pastor Benjamin Foss  6-6-12


April 2012

Four Banners - Purity

Pastor Benjamin Foss  4-25-12



God Is Fighting For You

Pastor Benjamin Foss  4-18-12



Living For Another Age

Pastor Benjamin Foss  4-4-12


January 2012

Knowledge of the Holy

Pastor Benjamin Foss  1-25-12



The Blessing

Pastor Steve Foss  1-18-12



Proof Producers

Pastor Benjamin Foss  1-11-12



Zeal For His House Has Consumed Me

Pastor Benjamin Foss  12-7-11



Holy to the Lord

Pastor Benjamin Foss  11-16-11



Identity and the Wilderness Part 2

Pastor Benjamin Foss  11-2-11



Identity and the Wilderness Part 1

Pastor Benjamin Foss  10-19-11



Selfless Servanthood

Pastor Benjamin Foss - September 2011


March 2012

The Test of the Secret Place

Pastor Al Velez  3-28-12



No Man to Til the Ground

Pastor Benjamin Foss  3-21-12




Pastor Benjamin Foss  3-14-12



Battle of the Mind Part 2

Pastor Benjamin Foss  3-7-12


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